Izuma Bakumatsu (izumabakumatsu) wrote in horror_writers,
Izuma Bakumatsu

Sweet Seduction

A poem I made a few years back. Kinda dark, I guess.

Come now, and sing the song of the lullaby,
Hark, hear the music of the dead night,
Revel in the laughter that is darkness,
And turn your deepest desires into reality,
Release your century-old hatred,
And rampage on the streets of just.

Come, and bathe in the crimson blood of innocence,
Spill the rain of eternal silence,
And unchain the demon within,
Walk from your puppeted life,
To a world where strings are cut,
and laws are lost.

Come, and pledge your suffering soul to the emptiness,
and water the evil seed sowed within you,
Waiting for the black sun to shine its undead flame,
Waiting for its root to dig,
And delve unto a sorrowful heart.

Come now, and be dressed for an eternal genocide,
Pave the path for the requiem of flames,
Plague the world with deadly pestilence,
and fill it with fear for the shadows.

Come, and be embraced by the malice within,
And make the world an endless genocide.
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