Little Sunshine (kitten_goddess) wrote in horror_writers,
Little Sunshine

Control (short fiction)

Her ears rang as she finished her chastisement. The hot sharp pain in her temples stung to her satisfaction. She felt cleansed and purified.

She had been bad and had needed to perform the chastisement on her weak flesh. She had offended the popular one, the one who mattered, the one who determined whether you belonged or not. She did not matter, because she had nothing to offer except herself, and that was a poor offering, since she was difficult to get along with. Offending the popular one was the one sin in the community that was unpardonable, and she had committed it.

After three months of isolation, they had generously let her back in. She could never win her old status back, but she was lucky to have a place at all. Even the popular one had treated her nicely when they had briefly met.

Now, she had almost undone everything. She had allowed herself to feel disappointed in her status. Disappointment meant ingratitude, and ingratitude was a sin.

Unknown to the community, she had found a secret way to stop the bad thoughts long ago. All it took was a few dozen slaps to her own face, alternating back and forth on her temples until her anger was exhausted. Of course, she had to do it in private.

It was not like it hurt her. Her hands were weak, soft, and plump, so she could not hurt herself, only inflict the necessary pains to stop the feelings. Only a red mark would be on her temple afterwards, and that was easily hidden under her long hair.

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